a bit of history...


The ensemble originated with a small group led by Nicholas Ng (Huang Jian Wen).

Leadership passed to Wu Ru-Gway at the end of 2006. In 2007, with the help of Zhang Chun Yan (Diana Zhang), the constitution and regulations of the ensemble were set, and the ensemble was formally made open to the ANU community under the name ANU Chinese Classical Music Ensemble.

Since then the ensemble has cooperated closely with the Australia-China Friendship Society (ACFS),  participating in their annual celebration of Chinese Lantern Festival - held in Commonwealth Park until 2014, and the new Canberra Beijing Gardens from 2015.

Since it's inception the ensemble has been invited to play at a large number of events, and since 2010 has independently organised an annual fundraising performance, with funds going to organisations such as the ANU School of Music (World Music Instrument Collection) and Project Hope.

Governorship passed to Lim Ci Wee at the end of 2012, and in January 2014 passed to Arebelle (Ximian) Zhang.

Wei Jie, performing on the Dizi at 'Spring in the South' (2015)

Wei Jie, performing on the Dizi at 'Spring in the South' (2015)